Steve Kniselysteve

Steve Knisely and his family came to Chester in 1999 after working in the country of Nepal in rural community development programs. Steve is originally from Pennsylvania and his wife, Karen, from Hanover, NH. They have two children. The oldest, a son and his wife, with their children live in Andover, VT and are farm managers for Abundance Acres, a non-profit ministry that seeks to renew lives and cultivate relationships. Their daughter currently works with a local Head Start Program. Steve also works as a clinical social worker while Karen works at the local elementary school.

Daryl Martens

Daryl and Kathy Jo Martens are natives of the Chester-Andover area. Both have been active in the Andover church since childhood, both committing their lives to Christ in their teen years. Married in 1982, their family includes two daughters, three sons and their wives, and two grandsons. After three and a half decades of involvement with the family lumber mill, Daryl now works full time for the Town of Andover highway department, in addition to co-pastoring. Kathy Jo completed home educating their children in 2015, and continues as a homemaker, serving the church and community through helping others.

Daryl and Steve were ordained as pastors of the Andover Community Church on October 5, 2008.